Introducing the JOYFull BadAss Friday 411 - A Weekly Guide to Amplify JOYFULL D&I for Friday, April 3

Janifer Wheeler

Developing this resource has been marinating in my mind for several weeks. I've stopped, started, stopped again and NOW, I am happy to announce it's STARTING!!

Friday 411’s will be short, easy reads filled with specific, curated content for those committed to creating JOYFull workplace cultures that prioritize diversity of thought and experiences, equal access to opportunities and a deep sense of community and belonging. 

Enjoy these tiny tidbits!

Tiny Tidbits: 4 RESOURCES
  1. Book Recommendation:  Atomic Habits - by James ClearGreat read on how changing your systems will help you change your habits. 
  2. Video:  Groundhog Day- Phil realizes he’s trapped in a time loop. Don’t we all kinda feel that way right now? 
  3. Podcast:  How to Create Atomic Habits with James ClearAmy Porterfield interviews James Clear as he shares tips from his book. 
  4. Article: The Secret To Achieve Happiness at Work It’s Not What You Think - Janifer Wheeler 
1 Quote: 
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

1 Question
What insanity are you experiencing in your DEI efforts? 

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