[JOYFully BadAss Friday 411] - A Weekly Guide to Amplify JOYFULL D&I for Friday, May 1

It’s another edition of The Friday 411! I hope these resources, quotes and questions become a source of inspiration. 
Enjoy these tiny tidbits!

Tiny Tidbits - 

  1. Book Recommendation: Untamed: Glennon Doyle. Untamed shows us how to be brave. As Glennon insists: The braver we are, the luckier we get.
  2. Video:  How to be a Joyful Badass | Webinar. I share simple steps for connecting, aligning, revealing and empowering participants to find their values, vision, and JOY, both in your work & at home.   
  3. Podcast:  Alicia Keys and Brené on “More Myself”. In this episode, Alicia and Brene talk about the quiet, subtle experiences that fuel our need to armor up and self-protect, and the courage behind owning our worth, listening to our own voice, and living with our own “girl on fire” energy.
  4. Article: The Deformed American Dream. Perseverance is a defining American trait, the core of the American Dream: optimism and belief that if you just work hard enough, you can achieve whatever you set your sights on. 

1 Quote:  “You have to plan your joy. In order to stay vital in this work, you have to plan joy, you will burn yourselves out and you will be no good to anyone.” -Michele Obama 

1 Question
What insanity are you experiencing in your DEI efforts? 

Events and Opportunities

  • #IAMREMARKABLE Workshops - FREE VIRTUAL workshops offered twice a month! Save your seat.
  • Team Building Launch - May 4th! 
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