[Team Building Tuesday] Breaking the Ice… Virtually Speaking

Not every team building event or meeting needs an ice breaker but when done correctly, with intention and purpose, they can add a more personal connection and contribute to building an inclusive culture. 

There are loads of virtual ice breaking ideas on the interwebs, so if you need suggestions, Google. But if you want to focus on how to use them effectively, keep reading. 

  1. Establish your goals and objectives. What ice needs to be broken and why? Does your team need more creativity, communication, collaboration or critical thinking? Why do they need it? 
  2. Make sure people will be comfortable. Does your ice breaker activity contribute to an inclusive workplace environment? Is there background knowledge people need to engage effectively? If so, share in advance so that everyone is on equal footing when the ice breaker begins. 
  3. Evaluate if an ice breaker is appropriate for this particular meeting. Some meetings don’t benefit from ice breakers.  Consider your meeting’s allotted time, agenda, purpose and participants. 


    • The need for personal connection is overwhelming right now and will continue to be as we eventually return to our brick and mortar locations. 
    • Investing in your employees TODAY will ensure they return TOMORROW. It also shows your customers and clients that you value people over profit. 
    • There’s no time like the present to strategically plan for team building and professional development.
    • Diverse thoughts and opinions, equal access to opportunities and true belonging through inclusiveness have an unmatched fact, 35% more profitability than those who don’t embrace D&I. 
    • I CAN HELP YOU! Schedule a chat to learn more about my new team building series or to discuss a custom workshop!

My vision is to disrupt our current model by creating a society of workplace culture based on joy, empowerment and balance. I am so committed to this dream, that I became a licensed facilitator of the Joy|Money Matrix™ and combined it with my existing programs to create The JOYFull BadAss at Work Experience™.  I am also an #IamRemarkable facilitator for Google, a soon to be Certified Diversity Professional™ AND an International speaker. 

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