ConverSOULutions™ Transform your Team

Trying to maintain and grow your workplace culture is challenging no matter the circumstances. As a former team lead and district level administrator, it was really important for me to support, encourage, design and model the organization’s culture goals.

As a leader in Human Resources, Learning and Development, and/or Diversity & Inclusion, YOU are the one that holds the key to your workplace culture. YOU have the influence and expertise on how your orgs culture impacts recruiting, retention, engagement, productivity and overall work/life satisfaction.  

YOU ARE a catalyst for growth and change!

In this time of uncertainty (and beyond), it is more important than ever for organizational leaders to embrace the idea that employees are HUMANS with physical and emotional needs… the need to connect, the need to feel safe, to feel included and the need to know thyself. 

At Wheelhouse Lifestyle Solutions, home of The JOYFull BadAss Whisperer™ we provide high quality team building programs based on a model of Continuous Cultural Improvement™ that infuses neuroscience, best practices and growth mindset so that you can create a MORE JOYFull Workplace for your people.

This series integrates concepts of social/emotional learning, joy and badassery so that individuals become more self-aware, confident, and empathetic. 

When individuals are more aware of themselves, this leads to improved communication, collaboration, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking. 

In the wise words of Matthew McConaughey, “When we take care of ourselves, we take care of each other.”

If you are an organizational leader that is responsible for professional development, training, HR or an Employee Resource Group, then ConverSOULutions™ is exactly what you need to reconnect your peeps and create a more JOYFull Workplace. 

You will get:

  • Three, 45 Minute Workshop Modules with clearly defined learning goals/outcomes
    • How to be a JOYFull BadAss: empowers participants to discover their Zone of Genius and partner it with Bold Confidence. Improves self-awareness, boundaries and communication. 
    • Amplify D&I:  helps participants understand and recognize unconscious bias (we ALL have some) so that teams can become more inclusive and diverse. 
    • The JOYFull BadAss Guide to Me: participants will design a Personal User Manual that can be shared with teammates and colleagues including preferences on work style, feedback, management, and communication. Reduces misunderstandings and miscommunication.  
  • Expertly created training materials, handouts, activities and interactions directly connected to all learning goals
  • 3 Implementation Options
    • DIY:  digitally downloadable materials that YOU can present to your teams (available May 14)
    • HYBRID:  a blend of DIY and virtual facilitation with The JOYFull BadAss, Janifer Wheeler (available May 14)
    • ONSITE:  presented in full by The JOYFull BadAss, along with all DIY materials and special bonuses only offered from an onsite program (available June 15, 2020)

SPECIAL BONUS: #IamRemarkable Workshop as licensed by Google - Break down gender modesty and promote your accomplishments! 

Here's what satisfied clients are saying:

“I was looking for a goal-setting workshop for The Shebras to kickstart 2020.  I really appreciated that I just told Janifer what I was looking for and she produced a really robust plan that was interactive. Interactive workshops are really important to me and something that The Shebras (our female/female-identifying ERG) find valuable.

It was a really successful workshop that lots of people are talking about around the office. I've also heard of a few accountability groups getting started 😊

Janifer listens to the needs of the organization and responds with exactly what we need along with enthusiasm, attention to detail and a passion for making the lives of the people she is working with better and more productive.”   Sarah Kettles - Senior Director of Research at The Zebra & ERG Leader

"The 'I Am Remarkable' workshop challenged me to think about the ways in which I am remarkable and gave me the courage to verbalize these qualities to others in a safe space.  Talking about how remarkable you are to others makes you feel oddly vulnerable but is imperative to grow in confidence--imperative to feeling empowered in those qualities. I am looking forward to more workshops from Janifer!" Christy Henderson, GEICO

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