DIY ConverSOULutions: Transform your Teams Series 1: JOYFULL TEAMS BEGIN WITH ME


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In the DIY version of ConverSOULutions, you will get digital downloads of all the workshop materials so that YOU can facilitate  the training at your own location or virtual platform.

Perfect for small budgets or those who already have a robust training department and need fresh ideas.

Each module takes about one hour and can accommodate any sized crowd as you will print and publish in house. All modules will include learning goals, materials list, lesson plans, trainer notes, slide decks and resources. 


How to be a JOYFull BadAss:  the foundation for growth mindset. Deepen self-awareness by exploring dreams, visions and values. Evaluate life areas for joy and badassery to develop more self-confidence.

Take a Walk in My Shoes:  expand your mindset and self-awareness through empathy exercises and games. You won't take this sitting down!

The JOYFull BadAss Guide to ME: in this session, participants will use info from the previous modules to create a Personal User Manual. The PUM helps peeps to understand each other better and learn more about how they work best. Topics may include how you like to work, collaborate, communicate, receive feedback and deal with challenges. 


You will receive an additional workshop presented virtually by Janifer Wheeler via Zoom or the platform of your choice. #IamRemarkable is a Google Initiative designed to break down gender modesty barriers so that women and other underrepresented groups can find their voice and self-promote with ease and confidence. It's great for everyone though and has been well received by all genders.