The SOUL Spa Experience


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The SOUL Spa Experience
The SOUL Spa Experience
The SOUL Spa Experience

Hey Girl!

How often do you feel stuck, trapped, or brimming with unrealized potential? 

You have the power to rise above your circumstances. Your intuition has all of the answers. The Soul Spa can help you connect with your inner voice and find true clarity.

This program is designed to provide encouragement, support and insight for women who are interested in becoming bad ass, intuitive leaders in their own lives. 

Your Soul Spa Experience will include:

  • The Soul Spa Game
  • The Soul Spa Support Kit
    • Hardbound Journal
    • Watercolors/brushes
    • Pens
    • Spa Slippers
    • Exclusive Soul Spa Tea
    • 2 Roll On Chakra Oils 
    • Flameless Candles 
    • Cleansing Sage Incense Sticks
    • Inspirational Jewelry from Zymbol
  • Enrollment in The Soul Spa Experience Webinar Series
    • Rituals & Routines Foundational Course
    • Your Choice of 2 Electives:
      • Spruce Up Your Soul - Clean Out Your Mental Closet
      • See Your Soul:  Design a Vision Voucher
      • Your Soul's Voice Part 1:  Speak to Your Soul - Find Your Guides
      • Your Soul's Voice Part 2: Listen to Your Soul - Find Your Intuition
      • Soothe Your Soul:  Plants as Medicine (Guest Coach, Amber Schultze)
      • Chakras, Energy and Oils (Guest Coaches, Casey Hicks Tabor and Melissa Kieffer)
      • Gratitude (Guest Coach, Alexys Thompson)
  • Membership in The Soul Spa Experience Virtual Community 
  • Empowering Inspirational Bracelet from Zymbol